來自新加坡的歲暖系創作女聲 – 魏妙如,有著一把清新卻不失能量量的嗓音。看似鄰家女孩的妙如,⾃我療癒和獨立的個性從她的⽣活中明顯的展露出來來。秉持著有主⾒的態度,她不 斷的創造新的自己,喜歡在創作的⾳樂中注入生活,旅⾏和周圍的⼈事物所給予的靈感。妙如在人生與追逐音樂夢想的旅途中, 一路跌跌撞撞,不但沒有因此退縮放棄,反而更堅定要在音樂之路闖蕩一片天的 決心。從新加坡國立大學畢業後,不顧家人反對便朝全職歌唱的路無畏前 行,這對一直有著鄰家女孩乖巧形象的魏妙如來說,大概是人生目前為止最叛逆 的決定! 因為有著海蝶音樂旗下“非常歌手訓練班”的培訓實力背景,發片前的 魏妙如曾替林俊傑、蔡淳佳、弦子、梁文福等人唱過無數 DEMO,同時也在新加 坡的 Switch、Hood、Shuffle 等 livehouse 空間以及各式婚禮駐唱,訓練自己的臨場 反應與累積演唱經驗值。

18 歲起就開始參與海內外大小歌唱比賽的魏妙如,擁有相當豐富的歌唱經歷與 實戰經驗:

2009 年 代表新加坡參加江蘇衛視《名師高徒》PK
2009 年 參與《超級星光大道》新加坡 PK 賽晉級前 20 強
2012 年 來台參加《華人超級星光大道》初選
2013 年 晉級台灣《超級偶像》PK 前八強
2013 年 首度發表收錄四首真摯創作的『我跟你。說』EP,主打歌『等待』同時 也成為當地電臺 UFM100.3 臺歌,發行首張 EP 之後的魏妙如也替當地電視台劇 創作、演唱過多檔耳熟能詳的當紅主題曲
2014 年 再度受邀跨海來台參加《金牌麥克風》和《我要當歌手》兩檔選秀節目
2014 年 於《中國好聲音新加坡招募站》脫穎而出晉級前 5 強
2017年 發行【偉大的旅行】全創作專輯,收錄7首自創曲,入圍全球中文流行音樂金榜
2018年 發行輕快單曲 【奇奇怪怪】
2018年 3首創作單曲收錄於 台灣偶像劇 1006號訪客 的插曲 歌曲串紅
2018年 發行電音單曲 Be You, 台灣原創動漫短劇 《芽》 片尾曲

Miaoru has garnered some of the industry’s influential personalities’ affirmations as a promising singer-songwriter. She is a master when it comes to relating her personal experiences into her music. Her ability to tap into her life experiences has allowed her to write songs that resonate profoundly with audiences of most ages. Miaoru delivers maturity in her songs but evidence of her youth shines through subtly with lingering pockets of hope for true love, adding charm and life to her creations.

Beneath her sweet and petite deposition lies a set of powerhouse vocals which has earn her much recognition on local and international stages. She has represented Singapore in Taiwan’s televised popular talent search shows such as Million Star, Super Idol, 金牌麦克风,我要当歌手 etc. and is also one of the Top 5 singers in the Voice of China Singapore selections.

Besides songwriting and competition accolades, Miaoru is also a highly sought after singer for various event types. She transits between easy listening and high energy pop songs effortlessly and is also recognised for her eloquence during live performances.

She has also sung many demos for artistes like JJ Lin, Joi Chua, Zhang Jing, Liang Wen Fook before her album release and is also the singer for many radio jingles and familiar Mediacorp theme songs. Miaoru released an EP album titled <Conversations With> in 2013 and a full length album titled <The Greatest Journey> in 2017 which was greatly supported by Singapore National Arts Council. 3 of the songs in the full length album were also the sub-theme songs for a popular Taiwan drama series titled, “Meet Me @1006”. The songs were well received by viewers across Asia. In 2017, she was also featured on Global Chinese Music Awards Charts as the Top 8 SG artistes along side JJ Lin, Tanya Chua, Stef Sun etc.


In 2018, she released an EDM singles titled “Be You”, a song genre which is different from her previous works. The song performed well on KKBOX and Spotify charts and is also the ending theme song for a Taiwan Anime series, 芽.

All her singles, EP and album can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, KKBOX & iTunes.